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Bihar: Man returns to village to start pearl farming; Earn lakhs & employs migrants by Himanshu Nitnaware April 08,2021   |  Source: The Better India

While farmers in Patna and its surrounding regions of Bihar usually grow maize, pulses, lentils, cereals and rice, a 28-year-old man from the area has decided to head in a different direction. Nitil Bhardwaj from Murera village in Champaran district is earning lakhs from pearl farming. Nitil belongs to a family of traditional farmers, but went to work in a multinational company in Delhi. He started working in early 2017 as a computer professional, and would earn around Rs 30,000 a month. Around the same time, his father came across a news article on pearl farming, and learned how it could be a profitable business. He shared this idea with Nitil, who thought the idea was both attractive as well as unexplored in Bihar. Sometime during his leave later that year, he gave it more serious thought, and decided to pursue it. Nitil signed up for training in Madhya Pradesh at Bomoria Pearl Farm, and worked with the management there for a few months. Once he had picked up the necessary skills, he returned to start pearl farming in his village. The risk paid off in the first attempt itself, and Nitil earned Rs 75,000. He started the ‘Bhardwaj Pearl Farm and Training Centre’ to employ six migrant workers who had lost their job during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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