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Punjab: Dead fish in Kali Bein May 04,2021   |  Source: Tribune India

The issue of the alarming mass deaths of fish at the Kali Bein in Sultanpur Lodhi was taken up by environmentalist Balbir Singh Seechewal at an NGT meeting. Amidst administrational apathy, fish continue to die in the Kali Bein. The number of the fish is so large that they have had to be dug out with JCB and excavators by sewadars. . The environmentalist said for years the polluted waters falling into the Kali Bein had been a cause for concern. The clean water flow is stopped every year during Baisakhi in view of repairs, but the polluted waters from the colony known as Bhalane Dian Colonian and the Kapurthala city sewage waters continue to fall into the Bein. The flow of these waters Seechewal said hasn’t been stopped even after 21 years of kar sewa. He said the fish deaths indicative of serious trouble in the waters of the Bein had failed to generate a response as would have been expected ideally in such an alarming situation. He said while government had decided to release 250 cusecs of water into the Bein, every year during repairs, this flow of water is stopped while the polluted waters continue to pour in choking thousands and millions of the aquatic organisms in the holy water body. Notably, the previous occasion such similar deaths took place were in 2012, 2013, 2015


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