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Goa: Scientists call for bio control of sucker fish in Cansaulim by Paul Fernandes May 04,2021   |  Source: The Times of India

The deadly threat to native fish species of a third invasive variety, Janitor fish - found in worrisome numbers in Cansaulim ponds - has triggered calls for biological management of the hardy aquarium fish. Invasive species of fish and plants severely impacting the local ecology is a worldwide problem. In Goa, two exotic species, Mozambique Tilapia and African catfish have established their habitats, destructively squeezing the local ecosystem. “The catch from fresh water systems yields over 50% exotic species. There is a significant reduction in populations of small native types, such as Rasbora, barbs, pearl spot, and even the predatory murrel species,” G B Sreekanth, fisheries scientist, Indian council of agricultural research, Old Goa said. TOI reported on March 9 and April 12 about a large haul of Janitor fish - an ornamental variety kept in home aquariums - in two large Cansaulim ponds. “The dynamics of flooding, whether these ponds are connected to other water bodies need to be studied,” Baban Ingole, retired chief scientist, biological oceanography, National Institute of Oceanography, said. Fishing activity starts after ponds start drying up in summer.

“Pumping out the water from ponds is the best way to weed out the invasive species. The fishermen may lose


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