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West Bengal: More than a century old seaside Sunderban retreat which entertained India's colonial rulers lost to cyclone Yaas June 11,2021   |  Source: Deccan Herald

A more than a century-old seaside retreat on the southern edge of the tiger-infested Sunderbans, where Indias colonial rulers once wined and dined to the sound of orchestra music has been swallowed by the hungry waves which lashed onto the beaches and forests when cyclone Yaas hit last month. A few broken portions of brick walls defended by Mangrove roots which desperately cling to it is all that remains of the Frasergunj residence a spacious bungalow built by Sir Andrew Fraser, lieutenant governor of Bengal between 1903 and 1908 where Indias high society including the likes of Viceroy Lord George Curzon once danced away their nights to the sound of laughter of their ladies and tinkling of wine glasses, as live orchestras shipped down from Kolkata played in attendance. The historical bungalow which served as a retreat where the rulers of Bengal entertained the high and mighty, could not withstand the might of the storm surge the cyclone brought on May 26, Namkhana Block Development Officer (BDO) Santanu Singha Thakur said. Sir Andrew Fraser, had finished part of his planned retreat which boasted of a ballroom and a bar for the entertainment of the then capital of Indias high society, said Debisankar Middya, an archaeologist specialising in coastal Bengal. Fraser, born in the


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