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Telangana: 200 clusters to export fish July 21,2021   |  Source: The Hans India

The State government plans to set up 200 clusters to help fishermen benefit, Animal Husbandry Minister T Srinivas Yadav has held a high-level review meeting on fish development and exports and increase income to fishermen. The Minister said the government plans to set up fish processing, marketing and export of Telangana fish as a brand name. "Each cluster is to include 2-3 mandals will have a cluster of about 40-50 cultures and will get a processing unit to give a push to marketing and exports," he added. The government plans to set up world class processing units in Fisheries department lands in Sheriguda of Hyderabad, one each in Warangal, Karimnagar, Nizamabad and Khammam districts.

He said that the free fish programme gave better results and helped the fishermen community gain financially. "The program will continue. Forty per cent of fish produced in Telangana is being exported. While we consume about 60 per cent of fish, 40 percent is being exported. It includes 21 per cent to West Bengal and 19 per cent to Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu," he stated. Due to better rainfall all lakes and ponds are full and fishing can be continued for 365 days. The Fisheries Commissioner and officials will take steps to ensure that fishermen adopt better practices and keep clean the fish


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