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Tamil Nadu: Don't move marine fisheries bill in Parliament, it has 'disturbing clauses': MK Stalin to PM Modi by Pramod Madhav July 22,2021   |  Source: India Today

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi not to move the Indian Marine Fishermen Bill, 2021 during the ongoing Monsoon session of Parliament, saying that it has many "disturbing clauses." In a letter written to PM Modi, Stalin said that the issue is of grave concern to Tamil Nadu, particularly among the coastal districts of the state. "Many provisions in the proposed Bill go against the interests of the local fishermen' communities and certain clauses infringe upon the rights conferred to the States under the State List of the 7th Schedule of the Constitution of India," he wrote.

'Does not address concerns, well-being of Indian fishermen'

The chief minister also said that the Centre has proposed to move the Bill without adequately addressing the concerns and well-being of Indian fishermen who are traditionally engaged in this for their livelihood for generations. "While we understand and appreciate the need to protect and preserve the marine ecosystem, we also consider it equally important that the livelihood and interests of the traditional fishermen are clearly protected," CM Stalin said.

'Proposed Bill has many disturbing clauses'

Stalin also claimed that the proposed Bill has many disturbing clauses, such as criminalisation and


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