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India: National Fishworkers Forum urges MPs to defer Indian Marine Fisheries Bill, 2021 by V Sajeev Kumar July 22,2021   |  Source: The Hindu Business Line

The National Fishworkers’ Forum (NFF) has opposed the proposed Indian Marine Fisheries (IMF) Bill, 2021, saying that it is fundamentally against the interest of traditional marine capture fishers, fish workers and fisherwomen. The Bill, which is going to be tabled in the current session of parliament, is curtailing the right of marine capture fishers, said Narendra Patil, Chairperson, NFF, urging parliamentarians of both the houses to defer the Bill until the concern of lakh of fish workers across the country are adequately addressed. The new Bill has definitely created confusion among fishers rather any than clarity in coastal States. While a law to regulate fishing activities in the Indian EEZ and protect the rights to resources of small-scale fishers is needed, the manner in which the Bill and its previous versions have been rushed during the pandemic period excludes the fishing communities from consultation and decision-making.

India to protect subsidies for small fishers Exclusion and non-participation

The entire drafting process of the IMF Bill 2021 has been non-participatory (traditional fishers were not consulted or included in the drafting process) and the Bill was not even translated in the regional language, Patil said. Further, the English version of the bill



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