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Goa: Beaches sullied by tarballs; fishermen, tourism stakeholders worried by Gerard de Souza September 14,2021   |  Source: The Hindustan Times

The menace of tarballs, greasy blobs of thick black oil that wash ashore, has once again afflicted beaches in Goa this year with increased severity covering several beaches including those popular with tourists like Anjuna with the black sticky carpet. The phenomenon which occurs every year with varying intensity has been found on beaches in North Goa including along the sands of the Miramar beach in the capital city, Anjuna beach in North Goa as well as beaches further North including Morjim, Mandrem, Keri, as well as Colva beach in South Goa. Fishermen and tourism stakeholders have urged the Goa government to resolve the worsening environmental issue. Speaking to HT, Olencio Simoes, general secretary of the National Fishworkers Forum, said the tarballs were forcing the fishermen, especially the traditional ones, to dump their catch. “It happens every year, but this year the problem has been especially severe. The shellfish is completely covered in the tar and the entire colonies die out. Besides that, the nets are completely covered in tar and we have to throw the fish out as they cannot be cleaned,” Simoes said. “Tarballs can attract various heavy metals, including nickel, copper, and cobalt, to their surfaces.

Due to different weathering processes, tarballs can

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