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West Bengal: Poor yield in Bengal, hilsa hope on import from Bangladesh by Kinsuk Basu September 15,2021   |  Source: The Telegraph Online

Fish traders in the city are keenly waiting for clearance from Bangladesh’s ministry of commerce to receive their supply of ilish ahead of Puja. The domestic yield has been very poor this year and the stock of the Myanmar variety of the fish is almost over. Last September, the Bangladesh government had allowed fish traders to export hilsa to Kolkata. With little supply from Bengal’s own waters, fish traders from the wholesale markets of Kolkata and Howrah are now banking on a Bangladeshi ‘goodwill gesture’ like last year. “We are desperate for some supply from Bangladesh. The domestic supply of hilsa is negligible. The variety of hilsa from Myanmar was the only hope but the stock of that is almost over now,” said Syed Anwar Maqsood, secretary, West Bengal Fish Importers’ Association. “We have been talking to our counterparts in Dhaka to figure out the situation there.” The production of hilsa in Bengal has dwindled from around 80,000 tonnes in 2001 to around 10,000 tonnes in 2017, largely because of excess fishing in the Bay of Bengal. “From around 37,000 tonnes of hilsa around three years ago, the catch has been going down steadily.

This year it won’t be more than 1,000 tonnes,” said Bijan Maity, secretary, Kakdwip Fishermen Welfare Association. The


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