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Tamil Nadu: Fishermen seek waiver of road cess on diesel by Deepa H. Ramakrishnan September 17,2021   |  Source: The Hindu

Fishermen have urged the Centre to reduce agriculture infrastructure and development cess, which is Rs.4 for a litre of diesel, and the additional excise duty which goes towards road and infrastructure cess, which is Rs.18 a litre. “We are unable to buy diesel and many boats remain onshore since the larger boats require between 4,000 litres and 8,000 litres of diesel per voyage. The State government bears the sales tax on diesel for 18,000 litres a year per boat in the mechanised boats and 4,000 litres per boat a year for motorised country craft. But the Centre does not give us any respite. It, instead, burdens us with an additional Rs.22 a litre,” said Varadhan, a community leader. In 2020-21, 97,256 kilo litres of diesel was supplied to fishing boats with a subsidy of Rs.157.68 crore. Posters have come up all over Kasimedu urging the Centre to exempt fishermen from the payment of these two amounts. The posters seek urgent intervention of both the governments. “The State government recently reduced petrol prices but not that of diesel. It can consider bringing down diesel prices at least for fishing boats since only around 20% of the boats go on voyages,” said K. Bharathi of the South Indian Fishermen Welfare Association.

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