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World News: Lack of policy support for small-scale fisheries and aquaculture undermines food security for millions September 17,2021   |  Source: Mirage News

Small scale fisheries and aquaculture are overlooked by policy and decision makers, despite providing livelihoods for more than 100 million people and sustenance for a billion people worldwide. This is the conclusion of researchers, including Simon Bush, Professor of Environmental Policy at Wageningen University & Research. The new paper “Harnessing the diversity of small-scale actors is key to the future of aquatic food systems” is published as part of the Blue Food Assessment. Professor Simon Bush is one of 30 authors who call for action and a better understanding of the diversity, roles and resilience of the small-scale fisheries and aquaculture (SSFA) sector. The study describes the many actors in the sector. Stefan Gelcich, co-lead author Stefan Gelcich, director of the Costal Social-Ecological Millennium Institute (SECOS), Pontifical Catholic University of Chile explains: “The study highlights the diversity of small-scale blue foods producers, which range from state-of the art processing plants with imported equipment supplying clams to Uruguayan restaurants, to homemade reed baskets used by local traders in Zambia.”


Simon Bush: “This paper highlights the huge dependency we have on the SSFA sector. They not only provide two-third of aquatic foods for

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