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Sri Lanka: Lankan fishermen rescue four stranded Somali fishermen October 01,2021   |  Source: Colombo Page

Four Somali fishermen stranded in deep sea have been rescued by Sri Lankan fishermen and two of them have been brought to the central workshop yard of the Beruwala fishing harbor by a multi-day fishing trawler. A group of fishermen who had gone fishing from the Beruwela fishing harbor On August 8, had found the four Somali fishermen stranded in the deep sea. The Sri Lankan fishermen have taken the Somalis onboard their two trawlers, two in each boat and one boat has already arrived with two of the fishermen. The two Somali fishermen arrived at the harbor are aged 25 and 30 years. The multi-day fishing trawler with the other two Somali fishermen is scheduled to reach the Beruwala fishing harbor in the next few days, the Coast Guard said. Meanwhile, the four Sri Lankan fishermen and the two Somali fishermen who arrived in the first multi-day trawler are scheduled to take rapid Antigen test tomorrow and further action are to follow. The six fishermen are currently in the custody of the Navy Coast Guard aboard the multi-day fishing trawler.

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