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Kerala: Fishing boat operators rue sharp fall in prices of seasonal harvest October 01,2021   |  Source: The Hindu

Rising diesel price and low cost of seasonal harvests like shrimp, cuttle fish, and squid have hit boat operators in a big way, with some of them describing the market situation as desperate. Adding to the slackening demand for local catch is the arrival of fish from the neighbouring Goa and Tamil Nadu, said a boat owner on Thursday. The price of seasonal wild catch like shrimp has dropped around 80%, said Paul Rajan, a boat owner from Kalamukku. The average market expectation is that a kilogram of shrimp will fetch Rs.80 to Rs.100. However, the price is so low that a few boat owners are even forced to throw away the catch even as the best quality sells at around Rs.60 a kg. The average price has ranged between Rs.20 and Rs.25 a kg, he added. One of the reasons being cited for the low price is the stalling of shrimp peeling operations owing to shortage of workers. Mr. Rajan sought the intervention of government agencies to help the struggling boat owners. Joseph Xavier Kalapurackal of Kerala Boat Owners’ Association said the prices of shrimp, squid, and cuttle fish had fallen sharply this season, plunging boat owners and fish workers into serious financial trouble.

He added that cuttle fish price had fallen to around Rs.250 a kg from the earlier Rs.350 a kg, while the price



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