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Bangladesh: Once exporter, dried fish market now depends on imports by Omar Faruque October 04,2021   |  Source: The Business Standard

Now 70% of the dried fish market is dependent on imports, according to industry insiders, who said demand for and price of dried fish are increasing simultaneously every year in the country, but its production is falling day by day. Traders at the country's largest dried fish markets at Asadganj and Chaktai of Chattogram said the dried fish industry is largely dependent on marine fish, but its production is declining year by year due to various reasons, including natural disaster and climate change. Moreover, fishermen have been changing their profession due to the increasing costs of processing dried fish. Pirate attacks on the sea have been another factor. As a result, the price of dried fish is increasing every year as its production has not increased in proportion to growing demand. Osman Haider Rana, general secretary of Asadganj dried Fish Traders Association, said there are 40 dried fish warehouses and 268 wholesale shops in Asadganj wholesale market. The average daily sales of warehouses and shops together is more than 150 tonnes, which is worth Tk55 crore. Dried fishes come to the wholesale market from different coastal areas of the country. According to the traders' association, at present annual demand for dried fish is 55,500 tonnes in the country. Around 20,000


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