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Sri Lanka: Boat industry seeks opportunities in Southern Africa October 04,2021   |  Source: Sunday Observer

The Sri Lanka High Commission in Pretoria in collaboration with the State Ministry of Warehouse Facilities, Container Yards, Port Supply Facilities, Boats, and Shipping Industry Development, organised a webinar recently to identify business opportunities for the Sri Lanka boat industry, paying special attention to the fisheries sectors of Mozambique and Namibia. The focus of the webinar was on fish-producing markets in this region which give lucrative opportunities for the international business community. A considerable amount of fisheries products of Mozambique and Namibia are exported to the European and Asian markets. Sri Lanka High Commissioner Amarasekara outlined the opportunities available in these two markets and the movement of the international investment grants to the fishing industry focusing on community development. The competition comes from Spain, China, and Japan since they have already established their fishing businesses in this region. The unsaturated harvesting capacity of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans encourages new investments/ businesses to enter these markets.

Small and medium level entrepreneurs of the above two countries may be encouraged to venture into the fishing industry by introducing vessels of appropriate size and designs, for which, Sri


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