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Sri Lanka: Fisheries Act to be amended to suit modern times - Minister October 05,2021   |  Source: Daily News

The Fisheries Ministry issuing a statement said that as per the request of the European Commission, the Fisheries Ministry has prepared the new amendments on the instructions of the Minister, as the European Commission states have pointed out that the prevailing Sri Lankan Fisheries Act is old and needs to be amended to suit new international laws. “Sri Lanka is one of the largest fish exporters to the European Commission. In order to obtain the GSP concession, certain amendments in the prevailing Act were requested by the relevant countries. Accordingly, the legal divisions of the relevant countries have pointed out the prevailing issues and have called for amendments”, the statement said. The Ministry further said that the amendments to the Act were done on the instructions of Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda.

A discussion on the Fisheries Act was held last Saturday at the Fisheries Ministry of Fisheries under Minister Douglas Devananda and State Minister Kanchana Wijesekera. Shortcomings of the Fisheries Act, which is currently in force and the extent to which our fishermen would be punished if they violated these rules were discussed at the meeting. The Minister instructed Ministry Secretary Indu Ratnayake, Director-General Susantha Kahawatta and Ministry Legal


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