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Pakistan: Alyani orders relief work in rain-hit areas by Saleem Shahid October 05,2021   |  Source: Dawn

A relief package would be announced for the people affected by the rains and cyclone, the chief minister said in a tweet, promising help and assistance to the people living on Gwadar coast. Residents of Gwadar and Pasni as well as fishermen suffered huge losses as roughly over three dozen fishing vessels were destroyed after high tides whipped up by cyclone Shaheen lashed Makran coast. The chief minister asked the Gwadar administration and PDMA officials to assess the damage in the areas and submit a report. “A financial package will be arranged to compensate victims and their families,” he added. While posting photos of some newly built dams, he tweeted: “Sawar dam Gwader and shadi kor dam Pasni... The current rains have benefitted all dams made in Gwader and this really benefits the local communities.... 4 more dams are under construction and inshallah one day the coast shall have a good sufficient source of water.” The chief minister termed the completion of a vocational institute project an important milestone for Balochistan in general and Gwadar in particular. “Inshallah this institute shall pave the way forward for skill development and empowerment of Balochistan youth in achieving their goals,” he tweeted.

Responding to a tweet by Senator Khuda Babar


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