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Maharashtra: Government to amend law for fisherfolk October 07,2021   |  Source: The Times of India

After nearly 40 years, Maharashtra Marine Fishing Regulation Act, 1981, will be amended through an ordinance. The state cabinet approved the amendments to protect rights and the livelihood of traditional fisherfolk. A government press release said technological advances ensured fishing can be carried out on a massive scale with little human effort. The use of purse seine nets, trawlers and LED lights must be regulated, and hence the amendment. The Act, it said, has not been amended in 40 years despite advancement in technology in the fishing industry. The amendments will allow appointment of an officer from fisheries department in place of tehsildar to hold hearings and expedite decision-making. It will introduce more stringent punishment for illegal fishing, which include an increase in penalty and confiscation of boats used for illegal fishing.


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