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Bangladesh: Biodiversity, livelihood under threat at Tanguar Haor by Serajul Islam October 07,2021   |  Source: Dhaka Tribune

The Tanguar haor (wetland ecosystem) in Sunamganj continues to suffer a catastrophic loss of livelihoods and biodiversity, threatening not just the extinction of numerous species and irreplaceable genetic variety, but also food supply, health, security, and tourism. Located at the foothills of India’s Meghalaya state, the ecological balance in the district’s Tahirpur upazila is being disrupted over time as homesteads, croplands and waterbodies keep getting buried under sand and gravel with every sudden landslide in the upper catchment areas. And as a result of the adverse impact on biodiversity, farmers are failing to grow crops on hundreds of acres of sand-covered arable land and aquatic creatures in the local reservoirs are either dying out or changing habitat. Over the years, more than two hundred families in Chanpur, Rajaniline and Rajai villages under the upazila have become destitute. The last major landslide occurred on August 16 on the other side of the border. Faridul Hasan, deputy director of the Department of Agricultural Extension in Sunamganj, said arable land in three villages of Tahirpur upazila and 350 hectares of land in a beel there have become unsuitable for cultivation due to the sand cover. According to unofficial data, around 500 hectares of land have

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