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India and Maldives: ISRO-ICG device helps save 9 sailors stranded at sea by Sidharth MP October 07,2021   |  Source: Zee News

Distress Alert Transponder (DAT), an indigenous device developed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in consultation with the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has saved the lives of nine Indian sailors. Nine-crewed Mechanised Sailing Vessel (MSV) Annai Vailankanne Arockia Vennila, was stranded at the high seas and faced with on-board flooding amid rough sea conditions when it was sailing between Tuticorin (south Tamil Nadu) and Maldives, owing to a technical snag. The Indian Coast Guard’s Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC), Chennai received the vessel’s distress message, sent via DAT by 4 pm on Tuesday. At the time of incident, the vessel was 170 nautical miles from Tuticorin and 230 NM from Maldives. The MRCC launched the National Search and rescue Services and activated International Safety Net (ISN) for coordinating the search and rescue. Two merchant vessels - MV SKS Mosel and MC MCP Salzburg, in the region were identified and diverted to the location of the distressed vessel. MV MCP Salzburg reached location of the distressed vessel and safely rescued all nine crew in the early hours of Wednesday (2:30 am) and proceeded to its next port of call (NPC) Maldives, where the rescued crew will be disembarked.

DATs are carried by Indian fishing boats,


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