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Odisha: Reeling under fuel price hike, fishermen in Kendrapara seek diesel subsidy October 13,2021   |  Source: The New Indian Express

Amidst rising fuel prices, the chorus for subsidised diesel is growing louder among marine fishermen who are already reeling under many hardships, unpredictable weather being one of them. The fishermen are demanding a waiver of VAT on diesel as it is no longer affordable to use mechanised boats in such a situation. Santosh Haldar (45), a marine fisherman of seaside Ramanagar village, said on each trip to the sea, he spends about 60 litre diesel. “Many fishermen cannot afford to venture into the sea anymore. While the cost of fuel is on the rise, fish prices remain the same,” he said. Sources said most fishing boats work collectively in groups of five to seven. The common practice is going to the sea in a group but only one boat returning to the shore with the haul to save fuel. Now, most fishermen are finding it difficult to cover expenses due to the high fuel price. President of Odisha Marine Fish Producers Association (OMFRA) Sumanta Biswal said the fuel price hike has pushed the State’s fishing industry into a major crisis. This onslaught on fishermen comes at a time when they are already suffering from the steep price rise of essential commodities and the Covid-19 impact. “As the fuel price is escalating, the cost of logistics service including ice and fishing


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