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Maharashtra: To combat depletion in fish population, calendar helps promote informed consumption by Sanjana Bhalerao October 14,2021   |  Source: The Indian Express

Although most seafood consumers know that fishing is banned in the monsoon and many avoid eating seafood during this period, that knowledge is not enough to promote sustainable consumption, according to the co-founders of ‘Know Your Fish’, a website that works to promote ocean-friendly eating habits. Know Your Fish (https://www.knowyourfish.org.in/) is a monthly calendar about which fish to avoid or choose based on breeding seasons and populations. It was launched in 2017. Banking on the consumers, Pooja Rathod, Mayuresh Gangal and Chetana Purushotham— alumni of National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bengaluru — launched the website after three years of research. The idea for the website came when a restaurateur approached them for suggestions on appropriate fish to serve in 2014.

There is a 61-day (June 1 to July 31) annual fishing ban on the west coast of the country. It was formulated to help regenerate marine fisheries in the Indian waters, where the monsoon season creates a conducive environment for fish spawning, and is crucial to protect the marine habitat during the reproduction period. However, to combat the depleting catch, fishermen from Gujarat have sought an increase in the fishing ban to 91-120 days.

“The fisheries department should have a

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