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Nepal: Bote community demands unhindered access to fish in Chitwan park rivers by Ramesh Kumar Paudel October 14,2021   |  Source: The Kathmandu Post

Members of the Bote community living in Chitwan National Park have once again requested the authorities to allow them to resume fishing in nearby rivers and rivulets. Members of the fishing community have asked the government not to interfere in their traditional occupation. The Bote people need a licence issued by the Chitwan National Park to fish, as the rivers and rivulets where they have been fishing for generations are within the park area. “Around 100 Bote families in wards 13 and 22 of Bharatpur Metropolitan City used to fish in the Rapti, Narayani and Riu, among other rivers and rivulets, before the establishment of the Chitwan National Park. Now only 30 Bote families are allowed to fish in the rivers,” said Indira Bote, the chairperson of Chitwan chapter of Nepal Bote Society.

On behalf of the community, Indira demands fishing licences for all Bote families in the area so that they can continue their traditional occupation without any hassle. According to Indira, the population of Bote people in Chitwan district is 3,500. “They mainly live in Patihani, which lies on the bank of Rapti River,” she said. “The CNP, the country’s first national park established in 1973, issues licences to the communities whose livelihood depends on fishing. However, only a few

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