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India: Analysing core indicators of decent work for the Indian fisheries sector: Do richer states perform better? October 14,2021   |  Source: EPW

The International Labour Organization included the concept of decent work in the Sustainable Development Goals to address concerns about workplace conditions, especially in developing countries. Among the different sectors of any developing economy, agriculture and allied activities have lagged the most in terms of decent work. This paper examines decent work in the fisheries sector in India. Using the National Sample Survey Office data from the Employment and Unemployment Survey of India, the paper arrives at a multidimensional decent work index. The paper finds that labourers belonging to the richer states rank lower in terms of decent work compared to the relatively poorer states, indicating higher inequality in the former regions. It also finds that per capita incomes are well below the poverty line for more than 40% of workers in fisheries.

The fisheries sector is a major source of income and employment, especially for people living in coastal areas in India (MOSPI 2011). However, this sector was badly affected by the pandemic and the resulting lockdowns in 2020, which caused a substantial loss of fishing days and, subsequently, a livelihood crisis among fishery workers. The aquaculture sector, which employs migrant labour, also faced severe distress during the

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