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Bangladesh: Takes major step to protect threatened sharks and rays October 15,2021   |  Source: Forbes

Despite progress in management efforts in recent years for elasmobranchs (sharks and their relatives), many populations still face significant threats and continue to decline. Overfishing and fisheries bycatch is known as the major threat to threatened elasmobranchs worldwide and is a hot topic of conversation in Bangladesh. A small, country in South Asia, it has been found to offer ideal habitats for these animals with nearly a hundred species confirmed including sawfish, river sharks, manta rays, whale sharks, and more. However, this global hotspot was found to be a “significant contributor to shark and ray catches and trade in the Bay of Bengal region.” According to official Government statistics, up to two thousand tonnes of dried shark fins are exported from Bangladesh each year, earning over a million US dollars in tax revenue.

Meaning before we truly uncover the biodiversity found here, humans could wipe it out. Thankfully, the Government of Bangladesh has taken major steps to improve the protection of these threatened sharks and rays by updating the list of species and species groups under the Wildlife (Conservation and Security) Act, 2012. “This updated list prepared by the Forest Department in consultation with the Department of Fisheries and national and

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