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Bangladesh: Cyclone no longer deadliest disaster, but floods and lightning causing more damage October 19,2021   |  Source: The Financial Express

More than a hundred lives were lost when a devastating cyclonic storm hit Bangladesh two decades ago. Though a few more cyclones have swept through the country in the following years, they have caused little damage to lives and assets. A better forecast system teamed with shelter centres in the affected areas and an enhanced disaster management system has helped reduce the damage. The cyclones that followed Ayla were also weaker. Bangladesh, however, is facing more damage from other natural phenomena, like floods and lightning. At least 250 people have been killed by lightning between March and September this year, reports bdnews24.com. “We used to depend on animation and still images based on satellite data, but now we use mathematical models to predict cyclone routes," said Dr Samrendra Karmakar, the chairman of the National Oceanographic and Maritime Institute. “After 1991, the cyclonic storms that hit Bangladesh were not so intense. Most of them had a wind speed of 100 to 150 kmph," he said. The cyclone that swept through Bangladesh in 1970 had a wind speed of 224 kmph and the one in 1991 had a wind speed of 220 kmph. Sidr, the cyclone in 2007, had a wind speed of 223 kmph. Cyclone Mora made landfall in Bangladesh with a wind speed of 146 kmph and Roanu with 128 kmph.


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