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Myanmar: Living in the doomed waters: the story of our little-known Irrawaddy dolphins by Muntasir Akash October 28,2021   |  Source: The Business Standard

Our boat was sailing in the shallows of south-central Bangladesh. Under the bright, baking midday sun, we were constructing an inventory and surveying fishing boats. But the level of frustration was high. We noticed little diversity among pelagic fishes; not a single shark or ray was there. We had brought big lenses, but there were no birds to photograph either. Leaning against the small pilothouse, I was staring at the murky, expansive, hazelnut-coloured estuary of the Bay of Bengal. I was wishing for the dolphins to show up. "A big fish got caught in the net. It is struggling to free itself,"— on my left, someone pointed at something in the waters. I looked in that direction. The sun was against us, and everything appeared like a silhouette. Few long seconds passed by. And, then, I saw it—a full breaching of water, a massive splash, not any fish but a dolphin! Within the next half-an-hour, we experienced a flurry. Everyone rushed to the starboard side, shouting, and bringing out their cameras. The blueish-gray coloured dolphins were catching fish, carefully avoiding fishing nets. They put on a spectacular show. A young dolphin was continuously splashing its tail in a very leisurely manner. This made things easier for us. We checked our excitement, held ourselves steady


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