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West Bengal: Fisherman killed in Sundarbans tiger attack October 28,2021   |  Source: The Indian Express

A 42-year-old fisherman was killed by a tiger near Kalash Island in the Sundarbans on Tuesday. The victim was identified as Shankar Bhakta, a resident of G-plot in the Sundarbans. Forest officials said Bhakta had gone out to fish with six others. In the afternoon, he was having his lunch on the boat when a tiger sneaked up on him and tried to drag him into the forest. After Bhakta’s companions started hitting the tiger with sticks to save him, the animal left the badly mauled fisherman and returned to the forest. Bhakta was taken to a primary health centre where doctors declared him dead. This is the second tiger attack in the Sundarbans this month. On October 4, 31-year-old Samad Mollah was killed at Chilamari Khal in the Pirkhali forest area while he was catching crabs.


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