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Tamil Nadu: How to save that sinking feeling: Chennai's tryst with seasonal flooding by Kannalmozhi Kabilan November 16,2021   |  Source: The New Indian Express

On a Saturday evening that was briefly saved from the rain events that had us bracing for a repeat of the 2015 nightmare, youth groups — functioning in the area of environmental well-being — found some success for their Umbrella Rally. When asked about the response to the rally, environmental activist Nityanand Jayaraman — under whose aegis the Collective came to being — remarked that he would have considered it a success even if no one (from the public) had showed up; if only for the fact that it brought these young minds together. “Right now, they are saying Enna pannalam? Let’s go for the meeting, let’s talk about it, let’s look at campaign strategies’,” he elaborates. Taking all this talk a step closer to action was the Collective’s meeting on Friday to discuss ‘Chennai Floods & Climate Crisis — Causes & Cures, Unpacking the Pathology of Growth & False Solutions’.

Disaster has a pattern

The deliberations began with an acknowledgement of the latest expression of our climate concerns — the city’s tryst with seasonal flooding. Climate activists have long since pointed out that having built our homes inside lakes and irrigation tanks, we will be forced to watch it ‘fill up’ and not flood during every weather episode. While the


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