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India: Coastal States and cost of cyclones by Prakash Kumar Sahoo & Yashobanta Parida November 16,2021   |  Source: Telangana Today

India’s geo-climatic and socioeconomic factors are contributing to an increase in the frequency and damage from cyclones. Among the natural disasters, cyclones constituted the second most frequent phenomena accounting for 15% of India’s total natural disasters over 1999-2020. Around 12,388 persons were killed and the total damage stood at $32,615 million in the same period. In addition, it is the third most lethal disaster after earthquakes and floods. According to the Global Climate Risk Index Report 2021, India was the 7th worst disaster-affected nation in the world in 2019 due to extreme weather-related events. According to the National Disaster Management Authority, around 5,700 km of India’s 7,517 km coastline is prone to cyclones and tsunamis. Nearly 66 coastal districts and 14.2% of the population in 13 coastal States/Union Territories are regularly exposed to the fury of cyclones. Only 7% of the world’s cyclones originate in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. However, they have a major impact on coastal districts and several mega-cities in India.

Increasing Damage

Typically, the tropical cyclones that have damaged the east and west coast are post-monsoon (October-December). Nevertheless, in recent years, coastal States have been facing pre-monsoon


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