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Bangladesh: LDCs to demand continuation of fisheries subsidies by Refayet Ullah Mirdha November 16,2021   |  Source: The Daily Star

Bangladesh has joined other least-developed countries (LDCs) to demand the continuation of partial fisheries subsidies as nations are set to agree to new rules for the industry and limit state support contributing to unsustainable fishing and the depletion of global fish stocks. Talks on the fisheries subsidies at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) have remained stalled since 2001 for the overfishing and overcapacity by a number of countries. Fisheries subsidies need to be continued for the LDCs at least for capacity-building, technology upgrade, purchase of ships, training, and developing human resources, as the fisheries sector has become a major source of jobs and economic development, said Hafizur Rahman, director-general of the WTO Cell under the commerce ministry. "The LDCs have already agreed to place the demand for the continuation of fisheries subsidies at the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference." The conference will take place in Geneva between November 30 and December 3.

Bangladesh's mission in Geneva is negotiating with other LDCs in favour of the continuation of the fisheries subsidies, at least partially so that the livelihood of low-income people is secured as their lives are largely dependent on fishing, said Rahman. The commerce ministry has already sent


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