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Himachal Pradesh: Efforts on to produce trout in Chandertal, Sissu lake by Dipender Manta December 03,2021   |  Source: The Tribune

To promote angling tourism in Lahaul and Spiti, the Fisheries Department is making efforts to produce trout fish in the Chandertal and the Sissu lake in the district. According to the Deputy Director, Fishery, at Kullu, “In the first attempt during the Covid period last year, the department had put around 2,500 fingerlings (fish seeds) in the Chandertal and Sissu lake to produce trout fish. This year, around 3,000 fingerlings were put in these lakes in September”. These were experimental attempts on the part of the Fisheries Department to find out the possibility of trout fish production in the region where temperature remains below the freezing point. The fingerlings are growing successfully in these lakes, indicating that the production of trout fish is possible in Lahaul and Spiti, he adds. Director, Fisheries Department, Satpal Mehta, says, “We are planning to conduct a study in the region about the possibility of trout fish production.

However, in preliminary findings, it has been observed that the possibility exists. The department is putting fingerlings in different water streams and lakes to promote aquaculture”. Meanwhile, residents of Lahaul and Spiti are delighted with the success of the department and hope that it will help in promoting angling tourism in


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