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Tamil Nadu: Five fishermen detained in Srilanka released, reach Chennai Airport December 03,2021   |  Source: Daily Thanthi Next

The 23 fishermen from Nagapattinam went fishing in two boats last October. The Sri Lankan navy then arrested 23 Nagapattinam fishermen with thier two boats and imprisoned them, claiming that the fishermen had crossed the border and were fishing in their home territorial waters. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu wrote a letter to the Central Government in this regard. Following the Prime Minister's move, the embassy officials in Sri Lanka released him from prison last week after 45 days of negotiations with the Sri Lankan government. Of them, 18 fishermen returned to Chennai by plane last week, but 5 were detained in Sri Lanka due to symptoms of corona virus infection. The Indian Embassy in Sri Lanka sent the 5 fishermen Nagapattinam Sivashakthivel and Pandiyarajan on an AIA flight from Colombo to Chennai at 4.30 am today and the Tamil Nadu Fisheries officials welcomed the 5 fishermen at the airport. All the fishermen were sent to Nagapattinam by a separate vehicle.


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