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Latest edition of ICSF's newsletter on gender and fisheries, Yemaya No.64, dated November 2021, published December 03,2021   |  Source: ICSF

The International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF) has released the latest edition of Yemaya, its newsletter on gender and fisheries.

Yemaya No. 64, dated November 2021, features articles from Sri Lanka, The Gambia, Gender dialogue took place in Central America, issues of gender IN seafood industry, meditative reflection on gender equity and social justice from India, and posters released on World fisheries day from Brazil, Ghana, The Netherlands, and Thailand.

The article from the Sri Lanka by Kasandra Marasco argues that Women in fisheries in the North and the East region of post-war Sri Lanka continue to face serious safety and livelihood challenges and it recommends that Government can take practical steps to aid women’s livelihoods through setting up of child care services, daycare centres, develop legislation to provide greater flexibility in terms of working hours and help them with financial support to overcome household debt crisis.

The article from the Gambia by Beatrice Gorez and Dawda Foday Saine looks at the challenges facing women engaged in small-scale fishing and supplying fish through retailers. They argue that the dark fumes of fishmeal factories cloud the collective future of these women and their communities. Fishmeal operators go to


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