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Andaman and Nicobar Islands: After 8 months in Myanmar jail, fishermen wait in Delhi December 06,2021   |  Source: The Times of India

Four fishermen from Andaman and Nicobar islands, who languished in a Myanmar prison for eight months after being caught in that country's waters were returned to New Delhi, but, are yet to reach Jangalighat in Port Blair. One of them, S Kumar from Janglighat, said 10 fishermen had put out to sea in April before their deep sea fishing boat drifted into Myanmarese waters. The Myanmarese navy seized the boat and arrested them. Of the 10, four are from Tamil Nadu working in the Andamans, another four are Tamils born and raised on the islands and the remaining two from Kolkata.

Kumar said fisheries department officials from TN and West Bengal came to Andaman Bhavan in New Delhi and took back the fishermen to their respective states. But, the Andamans fisheries department has not taken any decision to send them to their homes (Janglighat in Port Blair), he said. "We are still in the national capital. Two days have gone since we landed here and we are yet to return home. It's nearly eight months since we saw our family members."

His colleagues Jaya, Raja and Ajith Kumar are also eagerly waiting to return home. "When the Myanmar naval authorities saw the boat, they opened fire. A bullet pierced the hip of Kumar and Raja has an injury on the right hand. The Myanmar authorities

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