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Pakistan: Downstream water shortage constitutes serious threat to Indus delta: experts January 13,2022   |  Source: Business Recorder

Downstream water shortage has brought the Indus delta to an imminent colossal damage, besides reducing silt level phenomenally, experts warned the other day. Environment expert, Nasir Ali Panhwar while addressing at an event “Indus Delta: Environmental and socioeconomic issues and solutions”, organized by Sindh Madressatul Islam University Karachi said that the water shortage of downstream Kotri barrage threatened the Indus delta that is also faced with a reduced quantity of silt to a drastic level.

He said that the Indus delta is ranked as the fifth largest delta in the world and holds 97 percent of the total mangroves forests of Pakistan. The Indus delta is facing numerous challenges such as lack of adequate freshwater flows, degradation of precious mangroves ecosystem, sea intrusion, loss of livelihood and vulnerability to disasters, he pointed out.

Panhwar said that losses to environment are large and irreparable as several habitats, ecosystems and their services are lost. Dwindling ecosystem services have seriously affected economic productivity, including decrease in Palla fish breeding and catch, riverine forest products, and loss of wildlife species, agriculture and marine fish species.

“If the process continues, many more forest, fish, bird and wildlife

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