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Maharashtra: How Jaljeevika is enhancing the income, livelihood, and productivity of inland aquapreneurs by Nishith Patnaik January 13,2022   |  Source: Your Story

Hailing from Maharashtra’s Yavatmal district, Prajakta, who once worked as a bank-sakhi, had to travel a great deal to reach the workplace. She gave it up to become a Financial Literacy CRP but found her true calling only when Jaljeevika entered her life. As a matsyasakhi, Prajakta took to her new vocation like a fish to water since she had prior knowledge of what the job entailed. She says that the new trend set by Jaljeevika for fisheries has helped several women farmers increase their income considerably and gain respect at home and outside.

Jaljeevika has empowered women to make their mark in a male-dominated industry. In 2014-15, the startup trained about 70 tribal women in Maharashtra in freshwater fish farming. The lessons on pond management and income through fish farming encouraged more than 4000 women and SHGs to engage in fish farming and fish sale-related microenterprises. Prajakta adds that before Jaljeevika’s arrival most aqua farmers had limited knowledge of the processes and incomes related to fish farming. The startup showed these small-scale farmers how to increase productivity in small spaces.

Founded in 2013 by Neelkanth Mishra, the startup has helped many aqua-farmers optimise their spawn-rearing techniques. It has enabled farmers with affordable

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