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Goa: Goa lacks vessels, staff to check fishermen illegalities April 04,2016   |  Source: The Navhind Times

Fisheries Minister Avertano Furtado has expressed the need for procurement of patrolling vessels to maintain vigil at the seas as patrolling of the coastal waters has become a subject of concern in the event of newly evolved techniques of fishing including the use of LED lights. During the budget session last month, the minister had stated in the House that a strict vigil will be maintained at the sea to ensure that no illegality is carried out by fishermen. However, the department has only one vessel for patrolling the 300-km coastline with a jurisdiction of 12 nautical miles in the sea waters. In addition, the vessel has six technical staff but no dedicated fisheries officer. Furtado informed this daily that the department is in need of atleast one more vessel for patrolling the waters. “We have a proposal to procure atleast one more vessel. I do not know whether more are possible at this point of time but surely we will try to get one more vessel at the earliest,” he said. He further said that the help of coastal police has been sought for surveillance over the sea waters under the state jurisdiction.

While the coastal police is entrusted with maintaining vigil on the blue territorial region of the state, their jurisdiction has been earmarked only upto five nautical


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