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India: Pearly nautilus may get extra protection by KS Sudhi April 04,2016   |  Source: The Hindu

The pelagic marine mollusc with one of the oldest animal lineages on the planet, may get an extra global legal protection soon. The palm-sized adult animal, which could live up to 20 years in ocean depths, may soon be included in the Appendix 2 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild flora and fauna (CITES). The CITES authorities have sought the views of their Indian counterparts for determining the qualification of the species. Marine fisheries experts have recommended that the species shall be listed considering the rarity of the animal and its poor regeneration capacity. The species is commonly known as pearly nautilus considering the pearly nacre on its external shell. The animal has a chambered shell with limited mobility. It’s commonly found in ocean depths of 700 meters, explained a scientific evaluation paper.

Earlier researches have pointed out that the “low egg number, late maturity, long gestation and long life span of the Nautilus make the species vulnerable.” The shell of the animal is traded widely across the world though there is no targeted fishery in India. However, there are reports of some targeted catch from Indonesia and Philippines. At times, marine researchers have reported the accidental catch of the bright orange


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