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Sri Lanka: Indian Fishermen Destroying Our Marine Resources Permanently by Camelia Nathaniel April 04,2016   |  Source: The Sunday Leader

Marine experts in Sri Lanka have stated that poaching and bottom trawling by Indian fishermen and illegal fishing methods used by the local fishermen have been permanently destroying the marine resources around the country and they predict that the region may soon be barren if these activities continue. Sri Lanka is known for its breath-taking golden beaches, bays, and many lagoons and estuaries, which are usually saline and shallow water bodies. Underneath the water, in lagoons, estuaries and in shallow coastal waters, many types of marine vegetation such as sea grasses, and the shallow coastal waters support coral reefs, areas of such rich diversity and productivity that they are dubbed ‘the rain forests of the sea’. These coastal ecosystems have been home to an abundance of marine species. Some 29 marine mammals are found in our seas including the Blue whale, Sperm whale, Spinner dolphin, and the Dugong. Apart from that, Sri Lanka’s sea area is also home to five of the seven species of marine turtles found worldwide: Green turtles, Leather backs, Hawks bills, Olive Ridleys and Loggerheads. Sri Lanka’s coral reefs also supports some 900 species of reef fish, about 200 species of hard corals and a multitude of weirdly wonderful invertebrates. There are 15

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