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Goa: GRE opposes LED lights in Goa's waters April 07,2016   |  Source: The Times of India

Goenchea Ramponkaranchea Ekvott (GRE) has opposed the use of LED lights in the territorial waters of Goa, stating that this foreign fishing method is totally destructive in nature. GRE president Agnelo Rodrigues alleged that boat owners have invested lakhs of rupees and criticized the boat owners using this device to exploit the natural marine wealth of our ocean to the fullest. These LED lights are used within territorial waters i.e within 12 nautical miles and not beyond 12 nautical miles which is itself violation of Goa Marine Fishing Regulation Act and no such fishing boats are registered to operate beyond 12 nautical miles in Goa. Using LED lights for fishing is totally destructive to the marine ecology as these lights are mostly used near rocky areas where fishing is not possible. "Due to flashing of lights around that area, the mother fish gets attracted towards the light and if we don't allow fish to breed then within three to four months there will be total fish famine in Goa," he said.


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