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Goa: Purse seiners to challenge LED ban April 25,2016   |  Source: Goa.com

Purse seine fishermen, under the banner of Purse Seine Boat Owners Development Society of Goa (PSBODS), have decided to challenge the Fisheries Department’s decision to ban the use of LED lights for fishing and are exploring the option of filing a court case. They have stated that the decision was uncalled for and an attempt by middlemen to turn ramponkars against the purse seiners. “As per the Fishing Act of Goa Daman and Diu, the Director of Fisheries has no authority to ban LED lights and night fishing beyond five nautical miles,” said Minguel Rodrigues, PSBODS chairman, adding, “The Fisheries Department is turning a blind eye to the illegalities committed by the ramponkars and if these things are not corrected, then we will be forced to come onto the streets.” He continued, “We are going to challenge this decision as 70 to 80 percent of fish is caught by purse seiners. The decision comes after pressure by some insignificant people, who are not even actual fishermen.” Jerry Fernandes, chairman of the Vasco Fishing Society, stated, “The canoes that are used by the ramponkars are in violation of the rules regarding size, i.e. permissible length and breadth, 25 hp motors, and sometimes three motors are being used in place of the permissible 9.9 hp motors, and the


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