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India: UN guidelines and new technologies boost efforts to help curb 'ghost fishing' April 25,2016   |  Source: India Blooms

International guidelines being developed by a United Nations agency and new technologies are expected to boost efforts to cut down levels of abandoned fish gear, which often continues to carry out the capture process, entangling fish and other marine animals in its nets, a phenomenon known as “ghost fishing.” What is known as abandoned, lost and otherwise discarded fishing gear makes up a significant portion of all debris in the oceans, accounting for about one-tenth of all marine litter, translating into hundreds of thousands of tonnes annually. Growing concern over this problem, coupled with the increasing availability of new technologies, has led the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to begin developing international guidelines on the effective tagging of fishing gear as a way to cut down levels of troublesome sea trash. Guidelines in the works Past efforts to develop international guidelines have been largely fragmented. There are few systematic requirements by Governments for ownership marking of gear, and no international regulations, guidelines or common practices exist for marine areas outside of national jurisdictions. But that is starting to change, due to growing concerns of congestion in coastal waters, risks to safe navigation and accidental deaths of


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