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ICSF releases latest editions of fisheries journals April 29,2016   |  Source: http://www.icsf.net/en/samudra/article/EN/73.html?limitstart=0

The International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF) has just released the latest editions of two of its popular fisheries publications – SAMUDRA Report, its triannual journal on fisheries, communities and livelihoods, and Yemaya, its newsletter on gender and fisheries. SAMUDRA Report No. 73, dated April 2016, features articles from India, Costa Rica, East and North Africa, Algeria, Norway, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Southeast Asia. The articles from India focus on the construction of a port in Hazira and the livelihoods issues of women fishworkers in Kerala. The SSF Guidelines are covered by reports of workshops held in Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Algiers, Bali, Colombo, Tanzania and New Delhi. The report from Norway discusses the Norwegian Maritime Authority's mandate to raise safety-at-sea standards. The Roundup section of the issue carries news, fisheries statistics, notices and announcements.

SAMUDRA Report No. 73 can be accessed at http://www.icsf.net/en/samudra/article/EN/73.html?limitstart=0

The latest edition of ICSF's newsletter on gender and fisheries, Yemaya No. 51, dated April 2016, features reports from Asia, Africa, Europe and elsewhere as well as notices, interviews and profiles.
The editorial in the current issue of Yemaya notes: “Another

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