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Goa: Fish prices see steep hike May 02,2016   |  Source: The Times of India

Fish prices across the state have registered a steep hike. If that was not bad enough, quantity and varieties of fish available have dropped. The reason is insufficient catch and the factors to blame being over exploitation of the sea, neighbouring fishermen poaching in Goan waters, LED-light fishing and the emerging face of the middleman between the boat owner and fish vendor. Mandovi fisheries cooperative society vice-chairman Francis D'Souza said that a number of factors contribute to the decreased availability of fish in the seas. "From encroachment of speedboats from neighbouring states, to the practice of bull trawling and double fishing, so many types of fishing practices are exploiting our seas with excessive fishing. The rampant use of LED lights is also swallowing the little fish left in the sea. At this rate why would there be enough fish in the seas for local boatmen like us to catch?" Fish vendors at the Panaji market also attributed the price hike to poor catch. "When the fish catch is low we are forced to increase rates. The scene is not likely to change for another few months since boat owners keep saying there's not enough fish in the sea," said fish vendor, Gauri Gauns. Joint secretary, Goencho Ramporkarancho Ekvott, Olencio Simoes was of another opinion. "As


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