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Goa: GRE slams MoEF for proposing to let shacks stay all year long May 02,2016   |  Source: Herald

Goenchea Ramponkarancho Ekvott (GRE) has slammed the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests for proposing to amend the CRZ laws concerning shacks. “We wonder what logic was applied by the Central government while inserting this ghastly clause in the draft notification. How will the beach shacks withstand the monsoon, when rough waves and strong winds hit the beach?” said Olencio Simoes, GRE joint secretary and National Fish workers’ Forum (NFF) secretary. He continued, “The government hasn’t managed to curb CRZ violations throughout the coastal belt of India, and Goa in particular. The action rate of curbing CRZ violations is almost nil in India. This is an innovative way of misusing the law to give backdoor entry to more CRZ illegalities.” GRE President Agnelo Rodrigues stated, that the government was burning the midnight oil to bring in the vicious Clause (iii) (a), but had not bothered to regularize the traditional dwellings of the fisher folks and tribal communities, even though the CRZ notification of 2011 clearly stated that the State government or Union territory CZMAs would primarily be responsible for enforcing and monitoring the notification through district-level committees, under the chairmanship of the District Magistrate and containing at least three


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