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Goa: No proper mechanism to check seaworthiness of fishing trawlers by Abdul Wahab Khan May 02,2016   |  Source: The Navhind Times

The state government, which claims to have been promoting fishing activities in the state, seems to be ignoring the most important aspect relating to safety of the fishing trawlers and its crewmembers. The fisheries department has no norms to make it mandatory for the fishing trawler operators to have their mechanised vessels inspected annually to ensure seaworthiness. Moreover, the trawler crewmembers, who face risk to life when in deep sea, also lack safety training, which could come handy in case of tragedies. Goa has around 850 mechanised vessels registered with the fisheries department. It may be recalled that in September 2014, as many as 31 crewmembers of a fishing trawler, which had run aground off the Miramar beach and was about to sink, were rescued by lifeguards. Similarly, in 2009, two trawlers sunk off the Goa coast and eight other vessels with 39 crewmembers had gone missing in cyclone-ravaged Arabian Sea. A fisheries department official told this daily that presently the department provides fitness certificate to mechanised vessels “only when they approach us for modification of engine or for changes in the vessel structure.” “The matter ends there as far as the fisheries department’s intervention is concerned,” the official said.

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