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Kerala: Kerala fish catch drops by 16 per cent: CMFRI May 02,2016   |  Source: Mathrubhumi

The fish catch in Kerala has dropped by 16 per cent, according to the study conducted by Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI), Kochi. The study found that the fish landings in Kerala dropped to 4.82 lakh tonnes in 2015 against 5.76 lakh tonnes recorded in 2014. The total landings of fish in the state was negatively affected by the reduction in the availability of Sardines. In the past two years, Mackeral landings were more in the state than Sardines. It is the first time since 1961 that the availability of sardines have come down on such a large scale. The study also says that the fish catch from the Indian ocean witnessed a drop by 5. 3 percent last year. Kerala ranks third after Gujarat and Tamil Nadu in terms of fish landings. Gujarat, which tops in fish landings in the country, caught 7.21 lakh tonnes of fish this year. This is 21.2 percent of total amount of fish caught in the country. Though the fish landings have reduced, the price has increased steeply. The market value of fish is the highest in Kerala. In landing centres in Kerala there has been an increase of 36. 42 percent, while the small scale markets reported an increase in 33. 50 percent. Dr A Gopalakrishnan, Director of Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, released the report at a


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