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India: GPS mask created for fishermen May 02,2016   |  Source: DNA India

Against the backdrop of several cases wherein the Indian fishermen cross international borders while sailing, an NGO named Work In India, along with Kinetic India, has launched a device called Mukhota, which is a mask enabled with GPS. The mask will allow fishermen to remain inside Indian borders through a GPS-enabled device, which will alert the fishermen as and when they are about to enter a foreign territory. The coast of Palghar and Gujarat are close to international waters and there have thus been incidents of Indian fishermen being held captive when they cross the border, albeit accidentally. "We were shocked and hurt about incidents of fishermen being arrested and treated badly by foreign authorities after they enter international waters. So we conducted rigorous research and met with fishermen. We then designed the mask," said Salim Mulla, founder, Work In India. He added that the mask is a replica of a popular face in South India that is believed to ward off evil forces, while the NGO is also seeking government help so that they can distribute the masks for free to fishermen. "We feel that with this initiative, we will be able to save the fishermen of our country. When they touch an international border, the GPS will send an alarm to the fishermen. We have tested the


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