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Tamil Nadu: Chennai’s Kamarajar Port illegally expanding and destroying the Ennore creek, say activists by Malavika Balasubramanian May 06,2016   |  Source: The News Minute

When the Kamarajar Port, situated on the Ennore creek, commenced business on 22 June 2001, little did the neighbouring fishing hamlets know they would be robbed off their health and livelihood in a few years. Today, fifteen years down the lane, the port and couple of other major state-owned industries have succeeded in doing just that. Ironically, the Kamarajar port was supposedly conceived to decongest and improve the environmental quality at the busy Chennai port. According to a report tabled by the Coastal Resources Centre, the Ennore Creek is surrounded by several industrial operations - Manali and Thiruvottriyur Industrial Areas, North Chenai Thermal Power Sation (NCTPS), NTECL power plant in Vallur, the Ennore Thermal Power Station (ETPS), Kamarajar Port Ltd. (KPL), and L&T port in Kattupalli. These industries dump their industrial effluent and wastes into the creek, destroying its ecology. The Kamarajar Port alone has allegedly violated several of the rules and regulations laid down under the Air and Water Act (Prevention of Pollution) Acts, 1974 and the Coastal Regulation Zone Notification (CRZ) of 2011. The port had dumped sand and earth on creek to create land, which is in violation of the CRZ notification that prohibits reclamation of land from tidal waterbodies, say


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